Transports et Entreposage d'oeuvres d'art

Procedure for archeological objects ARRIVING in Geneva Freeport

To our clients and agents


This is an important announcement regarding all shipments with destination Geneva Freeport containing :

                                                                   Archeological objects and antiquities       ***


                                                               Intended to be stored at Geneva freeport



In order to fight illegal traffic of archeological items the Freeport authorities have introduced from 19th September 2016, an additional control procedure for the merchandises mentioned above.


Please note that : all other types of merchandise and works of art are NOT concerned.

                                 Only shipments intended to be stored are concerned.


The first step of this procedure is a documentation check made by an independent control company – KPMG – appointed by the Freeport authorities.

This is an additional procedure to the normal customs controls and will not replace it in any case.


In order to complete this new procedure no shipment will have to be sent to Geneva Freeport without an ADVANCE NOTICE containing all the documents related to the shipment.


This advance notice must contain all documents in your possession (invoices, lists, certificates, export licenses, passports, etc.) as well as a good quality photograph.

An Artloss register certificate is a big asset.

The notice must be received at least 10 days prior to the intended shipment date.


Only AFTER receiving the clearance from KPMG, we will be able to give you shipping instruction.


An answer from this company is expected in a maximum of 6 days.


A shipment arriving in Geneva without the Advance Notice can be refused for storage by KPMG and will have to leave the Freeport at the client’s expenses.


This procedure has been imposed to us and is an additional work load for everyone but we have no other alternative than comply with it.


A trial period has been introduced until 31st December 2016.


We thank you for your collaboration and remain at your disposal for any question you may have.



Are only concerned :  

archeological items intented to be stored in Geneva freeport (even one day).

Are NOT concerned : 

All other antiquities, furnitures, carpets, all works of art, paintings, sculptures, etc. and

all archeological objects arriving for import customs clearance into Switzerland via freeport customs office.