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A new website is under construction and will be operational in January 2021.
Since January 1, 2021 Rodolphe Haller SA has taken over the activities of  Arts-Franc SA under its own name.

This is a reunion of administrative and operational services as the field services have already been unified for several years. There will be no change in the organization chart and in the prices.

The first registration of Rodolphe Haller SA was done the 4th March 1930 by the two brothers Otto and Rodolphe Haller.

The company became however activ on the Fine Art transportation and storage scene in the mid 70's.

In 2021, the company can offer about 13'000 sqm of secured storage in the Geneva and Luxembourg Freeports.

Specialized staff are trained to be able to offer all services related to transportation, storage and care of works of art.







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